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$125.00 Total Fee / One Time!
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 In the Rental Market, Timing is Everything

For Individuals and families moving or relocating to the area, Our vast knowledge of the New Jersey rental market along with a great relationship with thousands of landlords is by far our strongest point.

 There is NO Broker commission which most times equal 1-month rent.   We specialize in Apartment rentals. Our staff has many years of expertise in the New Jersey rental market.  This system is time proven and reasonably priced

Its very simple. Once you Sign upA Customer Service will assist you in setting appointments to see rentals that match your criteria and according to your schedule. You also have access to our entire database with the direct contact info for all the Landlords 24/7. (NO RESTRICTIONS ON AREA / NO OTHER COMPANY GIVES YOU THIS OPTION UNLESS YOU PAY)  YOU CAN CONTACT LANDLORDS AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.

Live Customer Service 7 Days.    

The total charge is $125.00 start to finish.  Never a Commission.

 Click here to   SIGN UP  and start viewing Apartments. YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP WITH PAYPAL, Over the phone, Or in one of our offices.

 We are well positioned with the resources and experience to provide you with the most comprehensive and up to date database of apartment rentals throughout New Jersey.  We are one of the few in the industry that offers you rental listings with automatic email notification service,  This feature enables registered subscribers to receive new updated rentals that meet their criteria on a 24/7 basis. 

 You get instant access to our entire database 24/7.  Along with access to the most up to date listings, we will also provide live customer service for every client. THIS IS WHAT SEPARATES US FROM THE REST. A Customer service rep. will schedule your appointments for you according to your criteria. At your request.  

You can customize your own report in the my tools feature. And as new listings are added that match your specific criteria. They will automatically e-mail to you, with contact info for the landlord.  You will receive your custom listings via email as soon as they are added to the database!  Our placement rate is above 90% in less than 10 days.  You can view unlimited rentals in areas we cover, If you need us to go outside our current areas, No problem, Just give us a heads up and specifics.

 ( We do not restrict you to a set criteria or limit your area )  

 We Have On-Line Customer Service After Hours thru e-mail available Monday thru Thursday up until 11pm ( On-Line Only) at njrentals@aol.com



Monday thru Friday 10 AM to 6 PM

Saturday  9 AM to 5 PM & Sunday 10 AM to 4 PM